About The Present Box
Fun Speaks for itself

Technology is wonderful but the more time we spend on our devices, the less time we spend with each other. That’s why it’s important to set aside time for family togetherness, a period where all activities are face-to-face and all devices are unplugged.

The Present Box, “Phones Away, Let’s Play” is designed to help adults and kids put their focus back on to the innocent simplicity of play. We call it ‘The gift of time’. While our devices go into the ‘The Present Box’, adults and children can get together and focus on the world around them, through a myriad of games, challenges, stories and projects in our ever-growing reservoir of fun ideas.

Communication isn’t always about talking but it is about ‘being present’. As you share the fun of an activity, you observe and learn from each other. You’ll be surprised what conversations and questions can come from this shared space we call The Present Box!

Ryhme Time

Fun Speaks for itself
It’s fun to play together
It’s fun to laugh and learn
It’s easy to participate, we’ll all get a turn.
Experimenting and creating can be the best fun ever
We have time, we have togetherness, we’re creative and we’re clever!

About Us!

A few years ago, my kids gave me a diagnosis – they said I was a phone addict! Only then did I start to notice how much of their fun I was missing, as I tagged another photo or responded to a vital email, kidding myself I’d “Only be a minute”. The only solution was to put my phone out of reach and that’s how I came up with ‘The Present Box’ and how we met Boxie! We would put Boxie in charge of ‘Offline Fun’ and the kids and I would have to play the game or do the activity the way Boxie said.

It created a whole other play world for us as a family. At other times of the day – at work or school – we’d find ourselves looking forward to meeting up with Boxie later on. When our devices are in ‘The Present Box’ we focus on the world around us – we call it ‘The gift of time’. Come and share the fun of our ever-growing reservoir of activities. You don’t know what you’re missing!

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