Book Balancing

What You'll Need

  • Books - Hardcover books work well
  • 30 mins
  • Ages 3 - 8
  • Inside
  • Not a Speck
"Balance a book
on top of your head"
Sounds an easy thing to do...

Try walking a bit without letting it drop
And you’ll see that isn’t true!

Getting Started:

The idea is to keep your book balanced on top of your head for as long as possible without it falling off. Boxie says that, to give everyone a fair chance, you should be able to practice a bit first.

When everyone has had a go and knows what to do, you all go and stand on the starting line. When the whistle blows you all start walking toward the finish line as quickly as you can without letting your book drop.


If you touch your book with your hands you have to go back to the start!!


Books, preferably hardback (make sure they’re not valuable or too special because no matter how good you are, they ARE going to fall on the ground!!!!!!!)


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