Boxie’s Family Tree

What You'll Need

  • A Large Sheet of Paper
  • A Parent (or Two!)
  • And if you have a grandparent handy – better still
  • 60 mins
  • Ages 4 - 8
  • Inside
  • Not a Speck
Did granddad have a granny?
Is she my granny too?
Am I related to Adam and Eve?
And who is ‘Great Auntie Sue'?

Getting Started:

A family tree is like a map of your family. It helps you to find your way back through your family’s history and to see where you came from. The further you go back, the more interesting it becomes because you start to find relatives who were alive during big moments of history.

Unlike a real tree, a family tree has the youngest part – YOU – at the bottom. So, with your name – and your brothers’ and sisters’ names – at the bottom, next up are your parents. Above them you put your mum’s parents and your dad’s parents – as far back as anyone can remember – and don’t forget your uncles and aunts!

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