Boxie’s Mindful Jar

What You'll Need

  • A mason jar or large jam jar / tea caddy
  • Glitter - silver, gold
  • Glue (or glitter glue if you can find it)
  • Tap water
  • 30 mins
  • Ages 4 - 7
  • Inside
  • A Little Messy
When I’m angry,
when I’m sad
when I’m feeling really mad...

Thoughts fly off at every angle

But how can I undo the tangle?

Boxie’s Mindful Jar helps us understand how our emotions – happiness, sadness, worry, impatience, fear. It’s a great way of help us to find peace and calm when strong emotions take over.

Getting Started:

  • Fill the jar with water, almost to the top
  • Add a big spoonful glue and dry glitter – or glitter glue – and replace the lid.
  • Now shake and shake and shake so that the glitter swirls inside
  • Now imagine the swirling glitter inside the jar is your thoughts, emotions and feelings and read The Mindful Merry-go-round

Ryhme Time

The Mindful Merry-go-round!

Worries, fears, upset and anger

Swirling round your head,

You don’t know what to do or think

So you scream and shout instead!

But what if you just watch them

Like a merry-go-round at a fair?

They made you angry a minute ago ….

But now you just don’t care!

Where’s the glitter now? Where did your worry and anger go? Sometimes it’s good to stop and count to ten! Grown-ups do it all the time!!


This activity can teach children about how strong emotions can take hold, and how to find peace when these strong emotions come up.


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