Building Shapes

What You'll Need

  • Drinking Straws
  • Marshmallows
  • 30 mins
  • Ages 2 - 8
  • Inside
  • Not a Speck
Some shapes are weak and wobbly
Others are really strong,
So if you’re building a skyscraper
Which shapes are right or wrong?


  • Start of with something simple – like a square.
  • Take four short drinking straws and four marshmallows. If you can’t find short drinking straws just cut the big ones in half.
  • Next stick one straw into each marsh mallow. Now place them on a flat surface in a square and when you’re happy they’re positioned correctly, stick the other ends of the straws into the marshmallows.
  • Do you have a square?
  • Good, now make another one and join them together with another four short straws to make a cube!


  • Take three marshmallows and stick a short straws into each.
  • Lay them on a flat surface to make a triangle.
  • When you’re happy they’re in the right places, stick the other ends of the straws into the marshmallows. Presto! You have a triangle.
  • Now make a second triangle using the top marshmallow of the first, so that you have two triangles joined at the top.
  • Now, join the bases of the triangles with another two short straws and you should have a nice marshmallow pyramid!

[tip]Building Shapes is an experiment to help you find out what shapes are stronger than others.[/tip]


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