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What You'll Need

  • Pairs of socks
  • Clothes pegs
  • Buttons
  • Toys
  • Shoes
  • Cutlery
  • Gloves
  • As many things you can have two of as you can find!
  • A large box, tub, barrel or bath to put them all in!
  • 60 mins
  • Ages 2 - 4
  • Inside
  • Not a Speck
A pear is a kind of fruit
But pairs are what come in twos,
Like socks and gloves and eyes and ears
Like arms and legs and shoes!

Getting Started

  • The more pairs you have the better.
  • Pile them all into your large box, tub, barrel or bath. On the word “Go!” everyone has to sift through the pile and make as many pairs as they can.
  • When everything is paired, find out who has the most!
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