Wheelbarrow Races

What You'll Need

  • Children
  • A sense of humour
  • 60 mins
  • Ages 5 - 8
  • Outside
  • Not a Speck
In Wheelbarrow Racing
the hardest thing,
Is trying not to laugh...

If you can stay serious long enough
You’ll win by a length and a half!

Getting Started:

  • First mark out your course, where are you going to start the race? Where is the finish line?
  • Now everyone has to get into twos, then you have to decide who’s going to be the wheelbarrow and who’s going to be the pusher.
  • You can take it in turns and swap over between races.
  • The wheelbarrow person gets face-down on the ground at the starting line and prepares to walk on their hands. Meanwhile, the person pushing lifts up their legs like the handles of a wheelbarrow.
  • When the whistle blows the wheelbarrow person starts walking with their hands while the pusher holds up their legs. The people who make it to the finish line without falling down in a giggling heap are the winners!

Wheelbarrow racing is probably the silliest game you will ever play!

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